May 28, 2015

VIDEO: Chatting with Elmo and Abby on Sesame Street

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Two of the stars of Sesame Street made some time for us during our visit to the new set.



May 26, 2015

New Muppet Show Already Nominated for Award

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The Muppets has been nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award, despite not having been filmed yet!


May 25, 2015

RIP Ann Meara

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Comedienne Anne Meara has sadly passed away. We’re looking back at her Shalom Sesame appearance.


May 22, 2015

Watch Kermit and Ed Sheeran Sing “Rainbow Connection”

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It’s Kermit and Ed’s video for Red Nose Day! Sing along!


May 21, 2015

Frank Oz and Dave Goelz Re-Team for Pixar

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Two Muppet performers will be in the new Pixar movie, Inside Out!


May 20, 2015

Kermit and Ed Sheeran to Celebrate Red Nose Day

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Kermit and Ed Sheeran will be on NBC’s Red Nose Day broadcast this Thursday!


May 18, 2015

Steve’s Stuff Part 5: Kermit Clein, Super-rare T-shirt, and a Muppet Caper Catsuit

Filed under: News — Ryan Roe @ 10:03 pm

It’s time to bid on more items from Steve Whitmire’s personal Muppet collection!


May 16, 2015

More New Photos from the New Muppet Show

Filed under: News — Joe Hennes @ 12:14 am

Eleven more photos from the upcoming Muppet TV series!


May 15, 2015

FAO Schwarz’s Muppet Whanot Workshop to Close

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 11:51 pm

Say goodbye to the Whatnot Workshop in NYC.


Watch Fozzie Tell Jokes

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It’s Fozzie’s Barely Funny Fridays #1!


RIP B.B. King

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 9:35 am

Blues guitarist B.B. King has passed away, and we’re remembering his Sesame Street appearances.



May 26, 2015

VIDEO: Take a Tour of the New Sesame Street Set

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Sesame Street has made some big changes for the upcoming 46th season, and your Tough Pigs pals Joe and Ryan dropped by the set to give you the grand tour!


May 22, 2015

Muppet Vault: The Best of The Muppet Show!

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Join us on June 14th in Brooklyn, NY for a special Muppet Vault featuring our favorite moments from The Muppet Show!


May 18, 2015

Maybe This Time: The New Muppet TV Show Just Might Work

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The new Muppet show is their first attempt at a TV series since Muppets Tonight, but they’re in much better shape now.


May 15, 2015

Jim Memorial Week: Remembering Jim Art Show

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Our artist friends help us pay homage to Jim Henson in this throwback ToughPigs article from five years ago!


May 14, 2015

Jim Memorial Week: A Muppet Slam Poem

Filed under: Feature,Fun Stuff — Tags: , — Julia Gaskill @ 11:12 am

In remembrance of Jim Henson: A slam poem from Kermit to Jim!


May 13, 2015

Jim Memorial Week: When the Muppets Said Goodbye to Their Creator

Filed under: Feature — Tags: , — Ryan Roe @ 8:00 am

Revisiting the 1990 special The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson.’


May 12, 2015

Watch the Trailer for the New Muppet TV Show

Filed under: News — Tags: — Ryan Roe @ 12:00 pm

Yep, Fozzie has a human girlfriend.


When and Where to Watch the New Muppet Show

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 11:40 am

The Muppets will be seen on Tuesdays at 8:00 on ABC!


Jim Memorial Week: Life After Jim Henson

Filed under: Feature — Tags: , — ToughPigs Staff @ 8:00 am

What’s Muppet fandom like for the fans born in a post-Jim Henson world?

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