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October 31, 2012

Christoph Waltz to Star in Muppets Sequel?

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 11:37 pm

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz is in negotiations to star in the sequel to The Muppets.


ToughPigs Election: Gonzo/Rizzo ’12

Filed under: Feature — Tags: , , — Anthony Strand @ 10:24 am

The debate continues! Our election coverage continues with an argument in favor of a Gonzo/Rizzo Presidency.


October 30, 2012

ToughPigs Election: Grover/Cookie Monster ’12

Filed under: Feature — Tags: , , — Joe Hennes @ 11:19 am

Election season is here! Will you vote for Grover/Cookie Monster or Gonzo/Rizzo? Read our argument in favor of the Grover/Cookie ticket here.


ToughPigs Election: Grover vs. Gonzo

Filed under: Anthology — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 10:46 am

Grover and Cookie Monster vie against Gonzo and Rizzo for the Presidency! Who will win??


October 28, 2012

Friends and Fans Celebrate Jerry Nelson in NYC

Filed under: Feature,Reports — Tags: , — Ryan Roe @ 3:02 pm

We’ve got the full report on the Jerry Nelson event at the Museum of the Moving Image.


October 26, 2012

The CeeLo Green Special with Muppets Has an Air Date

Filed under: News — Tags: , , — Ryan Roe @ 10:26 am

The Muppets will appear on CeeLo’s Christmas special, airing November 30th.


October 25, 2012

Muppet Vault: Jerry Nelson – The Man of a Thousand Muppets

Filed under: Feature — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 12:22 am

Join us on November 18 for a Jerry Nelson-themed Muppet Vault, with a bonus Emmet Otter sing-along!


October 24, 2012

Cookie Monster Answers Questions, Dons Ponytail on The Chew

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 10:22 am

Video of Cookie Monster on The Chew, including a rousing Q&A session and some interesting cosplay.


October 23, 2012

Sing Along with Sir Didymus, Take Manhattan with Leslie Carrara

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 2:13 pm

BAM’s “Puppets on Film”, including some Henson screenings and guests, will be held this November!


October 22, 2012

All I Need Is Love (and Snowths)

Filed under: News — Ryan Roe @ 9:58 pm

Listen to CeeLo Green’s Christmas song featuring the Muppets.


VCR Alert: Cookie Monster Can’t Stay Away from The Chew

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 4:57 pm

Cookie Monster will be back on The Chew this Tuesday, October 23!


How to Be Ludo: A Cosplay Creation

Filed under: Feature,Fun Stuff — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 10:43 am

The man inside the impressive Ludo costume we saw at Comic Con joins us for a detailed description of how it was made!


October 18, 2012

Tough Pigs Caption Contest #2 RESULTS!

Filed under: Feature,Your Two Cents — Tags: , , — Ryan Roe @ 10:01 am

Your amusing captions to more Muppet-related pictures.


October 15, 2012

ToughPigs at NYCC 2012

Filed under: Feature,Reports — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 11:28 am

Our recap of all of the Muppet-related panels, guests, artwork, and cosplay at the 2012 New York Comic Con!


October 12, 2012

Comic Book Review: The Muppets: The Four Seasons: Winter

Filed under: Feature,Reviews — Tags: , — Anthony Strand @ 10:50 am

Our review of the Christmas-themed final issue of The Muppet Show Comic Book!


October 8, 2012

New York Comic Con is for Muppet Fans

Filed under: Feature,Reports — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 1:47 pm

We’ve collected all of the Muppet, Sesame, and Henson-related events, panels, artists, and booths at the New York Comic Con, including a ToughPigs meetup on Sunday!


October 7, 2012

Big Bird Stays Up Late for SNL

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 9:05 am

Big Bird appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update last night! Watch the video here!


October 5, 2012

Everyone Is Mad at Mitt Romney Because of Big Bird

Filed under: Commentary,Feature — Tags: , , — Ryan Roe @ 11:53 am

Mitt Romney: Big Bird hater?


October 2, 2012

Elmo Does it Gangnam Style on Today

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 2:55 pm

Video of Elmo on TODAY where he does some Gangnam Style dancing and eats a plate of cookies!


October 1, 2012

Muppet Vault: Monsters 3!

Filed under: Feature — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 11:07 am

Join us in Brooklyn, NY on October 21 for a Halloween-themed Muppet Vault! So much fun, it’s scary!

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