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September 30, 2013

Muppet Tech Wizard Faz Fazakas Dies at 95

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The puppet designer had a huge impact of the evolution of the Muppets.


September 29, 2013

Hey, Who Wants to Watch Eighteen-Ninety-Fifths of The Muppet Movie?

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In the mid-80s, The Muppet Movie was released on Super 8… or at least, some of it was.


September 27, 2013

Colbert’s Pointless-Counterpointless: Big Bird vs. Oscar

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Watch Big Bird and Oscar debate *together* on The Colbert Report!


September 26, 2013

VCR Alert: Stephen Colbert to Spar with Oscar and Big Bird

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 3:30 pm

Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch will appear on the September 26th episode of The Colbert Report!


Muppet Vault: Monsters Returns!

Filed under: Feature — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 3:25 pm

Join us in Brooklyn, NY on October 30 for the return of our Halloween-themed Muppet Vault!


Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Tell You How to Get to Sesame Street in the Best Way Possible

Filed under: News — Joe Hennes @ 9:45 am

The Sesame gang performs the theme song on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and it’s amazing!


September 25, 2013

Proto-Grover, JP Grosse, and Wilkins Dusted Off for Smithsonian

Filed under: News — Joe Hennes @ 5:16 pm

Photos and videos of the Muppets that were just donated to the Smithsonian!


VCR Alert: Sesame on Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 5:02 pm

A few familiar faces from Sesame Street will be on tonight’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!


September 23, 2013

Yet Another Threadless Sesame Street T-shirt Design Contest!

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 12:34 pm

Threadless is holding a new Sesame Street t-shirt design contest!


Dream a Dream and Listen: The Fraggle Rock Tribute Album Reviewed

Filed under: Feature,Reviews — Tags: , , , — Ryan Roe @ 12:00 pm

We give the new Fraggle Rock tribute album a spin.


September 21, 2013

Cookie Monster-ize Your Website

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 9:23 pm

Cookie Monster can take over any website with the click of a button.


A Lannister Always Pays His (Mup)Pets

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 11:03 am

Watch two Sesame Street videos featuring the stars of Game of Thrones!


September 20, 2013

ToughPigs Presents Jim Henson: The Biography Panel at NYCC!

Filed under: Feature — Tags: , , — Joe Hennes @ 10:45 am

Your pals from ToughPigs will be moderating a Jim Henson panel at the New York Comic Con!


September 16, 2013

Frank Oz and Brian Jay Jones to Chat About Jim on Today

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 3:29 pm

UPDATE: Jim Henson biographer Brian Jay Jones and Frank Oz will be on The Today Show on September 26th!


ToughPigs Art: Uncle Deadly Lives, Fozzie the Pooh, Chibi Animal & More!

Filed under: Art,Feature — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 10:06 am

Muppet fan artist extraordinaire Dave Hulteen shares another batch of awesome artwork with us!


September 14, 2013

(Google) Hangout with ToughPigs and Muppet Mindset!

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 2:43 pm

Join your Muppet fan site pals for a Google Hangout on Sept. 18!


Watch Cookie Monster Eat a Camera on Good Morning America

Filed under: News — Tags: , , , — Ryan Roe @ 6:00 am

Check out these clips of the Sesame Street Muppets on daytime TV.


September 13, 2013

The Dark Crystal and More San Diego Comic Con 2013 Tidbits

Filed under: Feature,Reports — Tags: , , — Matt Wilkie @ 11:36 am

Our coverage of this year’s Comic Con International, featuring extensive details on The Dark Crystal Author Quest.


September 12, 2013

Cookie Monster and Crew Taking Over GMA Again

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 4:31 pm

The Sesame Street gang will be taking over Good Morning America on September 13!


September 9, 2013

Jim Henson: The Biography: The Review

Filed under: Feature,Reviews — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 10:31 am

Our review of the highly anticipated Jim Henson biography, which is filled with tons of new information!

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