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September 13, 2016

The Muppets Loses Its Only Emmy

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 5:58 pm

The Muppets lost its Emmy Award for Production Design to Transparent. Blurgh.


September 12, 2016

Sesame Street Humans Appreciation: People Are Funny

Filed under: Commentary,Feature — Tags: , — Ryan Roe @ 12:00 pm

The human cast of Sesame Street is a talented comedy ensemble.


The Count Counts Everyone in Queensland

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 10:40 am

The Count stars in a new ad all about counting Australians!


September 8, 2016

PizzeRizzo Gets Sign So People Know It’s PizzeRizzo

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 5:29 pm

Check out the neon sign for the new Muppet pizzeria at Disney World!


Muppets: The Final Frontier

Filed under: Feature,Fun Stuff — Joe Hennes @ 3:37 pm

In honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, we’re casting the Muppets as crew members of the USS Enterprise!


September 6, 2016

IBM’s Watson Visits Sesame Street, Is Unable to Dance

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 1:56 pm

See a new ad featuring the supercomputer Watson on Sesame Street!


I’m With Fur: Hillary Clinton on Sesame Street

Filed under: Feature,Fun Stuff — Tags: , — Evan G @ 10:57 am

Would Hillary Clinton make a good President based on her Sesame Street appearance from 1993?


September 2, 2016

Muppet Adult Coloring Book Coming to Whet Your Palette

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 5:11 pm

Coming next year: A Muppet coloring book for adults!


ToughPigs Turns 15: My Years with MuppetZine

Filed under: Feature — Tags: , , — Danny Horn @ 10:22 am

ToughPigs founder Danny Horn shares his memory and commentary for each issue of MuppetZine! Come stroll down memory lane with us.


September 1, 2016

ToughPigs Turns 15: Fifteen Years of People Freaking Out About Muppets

Filed under: Commentary,Feature — Tags: , , — ToughPigs Staff @ 8:00 am

People tend to overreact when a Muppet story hits the news, and it’s been that way for all 15 years of our existence.

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