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July 31, 2017

Watch Sesame Muppets Play Game Shows in Cars

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Ryan Roe @ 2:40 pm

Guy Smiley hosts: Smiley Says! Find That Color! Name That Animal!


Muppet Book Club FOLLOW-UP: Bert’s Hall of Great Inventions

Filed under: Feature,Your Two Cents — Tags: , , — Ryan Roe @ 9:00 am

YOUR comments and insights on a wacky 1972 Sesame Street book!


July 28, 2017

Meet Abby’s New Stepbrother Rudy

Filed under: News — Joe Hennes @ 11:20 pm

Sesame Street’s has a new resident monster!


The Great Muppet Casting Call: Muppet Treasure Island

Filed under: Feature — Tags: — ToughPigs Staff @ 10:24 am

We’re casting the roles of Muppet Treasure Island with some of our favorite chameleon actors, like Robin Williams and more!


July 27, 2017

Watch Real Live Muppets Speak at the Jim Henson Exhibition Opening

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Abby Cadabby, Red Fraggle, and Fozzie Bear helped the Museum of the Moving Image kick things off.


Sesame Street Goes Back to the ’80s

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The Sesame gang parodies your favorite 1980s songs in a new video!


July 26, 2017

Watch the Trailer for the Henson Company’s Upcoming Nativity Movie

Filed under: News — Tags: , , — Ryan Roe @ 3:12 pm

“The Star” will be in theaters this holiday season. Oprah Winfrey is a camel.


ToughPigs Art: Dave Hulteen’s Muppets and Muppeteers

Filed under: Art,Feature — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 11:02 am

Dave Hulteen returns with a new batch of amazing Muppet fan art!


July 25, 2017

Preview: Power of the Dark Crystal #5

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 10:19 pm

Get a preview of the next issue in the Dark Crystal saga!


July 24, 2017

Movin’ Right Along: Getting Past the Steve Situation

Filed under: Commentary,Feature — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 12:07 pm

It’s time to start figuring out how to get past the news and appreciate the Muppets again.


July 21, 2017

Video Tour of MOMI’s Jim Henson Exhibition

Filed under: Feature,Reports — Tags: , , — ToughPigs Staff @ 10:05 am

Watch as we take you through the new Jim Henson exhibit in a brand new video!


July 20, 2017

Watch Rowlf Banter with Alicia Keys

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Ryan Roe @ 3:09 pm

WE will soon see the Muppets on WE Day.


The Today Show Talks to Cheryl Henson, Steve Whitmire

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 10:18 am

The saga continues with two new interviews on The Today Show.


NYC Week: Is the Muppet Theater in New York?

Filed under: Commentary,Feature — Tags: , — Ryan Roe @ 9:27 am

Let’s look at the evidence!


How to Be a Muppet Fan at San Diego Comic Con 2017

Filed under: Feature,Reports — Tags: , — Matt Wilkie @ 9:13 am

Going to Comic Con International in San Diego? You’ll want this handy guide to all the Muppet stuff at the con!


July 19, 2017

NYC Week: The Manhattan Music of The Muppets

Filed under: Feature,Fun Stuff — Tags: , , — Louie Pearlman @ 11:23 am

We create the perfect playlist for the Muppet-loving New Yorker.


July 18, 2017

NYC Week: What the Heck is Manhattan Melodies??

Filed under: Feature,Fun Stuff — Tags: — Matt Wilkie @ 2:08 pm

What, exactly, is the play-within-a-movie from The Muppets Take Manhattan about?


July 17, 2017

Steve Whitmire, Lisa Henson, Brian Henson Speak Out

Filed under: News — Tags: — Joe Hennes @ 11:00 pm

Steve Whitmire and the Henson family bring a few more facts to the table in some recent interviews.


Archaia Heads Back Into the Labyrinth

Filed under: News — Tags: , — Joe Hennes @ 8:19 pm

A new comic book collection of Labyrinth stories is coming this November!


Steve Whitmire Talks to the Hollywood Reporter

Filed under: News — Tags: — Ryan Roe @ 5:38 pm

Including an explanation on the “two stated issues” that came up during the phone call from Muppets Studio.

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