Anthology Contents



Santa Maybe

Ernie and Bert meet Sinterklaas



New Stuff

Recent appearances



Secret Santa

The Great Santa Claus Switch



Troubled Waiter

Waiting tables on Sesame Street



Hipsters and Squares

The cool cats of Sesame Street



Back to School

with the Sesame Street Learning Kit



The Jim Henson Hour

Part One: Science Fiction

Part Two: Monster Telethon



Breaking News

Kermit's Sesame Street News Flashes



Season Six

The Early Days of the Muppet Show Comic Strip



Ernie vs Bert

Early Sketches



The Road to Hollywood

The Muppet Movie: From Script to Screen



The Decline and Fall of Gorch

Part One: The Decline

Part Two: The Fall



Giant Frogs!

Disney World Live Shows



April Frog's Day

Kermit Hosts Larry King Live



The Muppets Take Madison Avenue

Muppet commercials from the 50's and 60's



Kermit and Piggy

That Magnificent Hankering




Off the Street

Weird Sesame Street interviews



It Feels Like Christmas

Muppet Christmas interviews


Muppets: 1, Host: 0

The Muppets strike back