Tough Pigs Anthology

Summer 2004



Hipsters and Squares

Part 4: Who's the MAN?


   I don't know if Roosevelt Franklin and Same Sound Brown were friends, but they definitely had a similar vibe. In this sketch, Same Sound Brown visits Roosevelt's classroom to teach Farley how to read. As always, the hipster character is the smart one...


Voice cast: Northern Calloway (Same Sound Brown),

Jerry Nelson (Farley).





Same Sound Brown, could you help me with something?



Farley, my man, I'll do what I can.



I'm trying to read this word, but I'm not having very much luck.




(Jazzy hi-hat music starts.)



Now, listen up, Farley, here's all you need

for the down-home basics of learning to read.

You start at the front, and you move to the rear,

you say each sound out loud and clear.

You go: Mmm-Aaa-Nnn.

You go: Mmm-Aaa-Nnn.

Then you run the sounds together and you smooth 'em out

and that's what readin' is all about!





You go: Mmm-Aaa-Nnn, yeah!

You go: Mmm-Aaa-Nnn. Yeah!

You go: Mmm-Aaa-Nnn, you go: Mmm-Aaa-Nnn,

You go: Mmm-Aaa, Mmm-Aaa,

Mmm-Aannn, Man, Man, Man! MAN! Yeah!





Okay, I'm done. Now you try one.



I start at the front and I move to the rear,

and I say each sound out loud and clear.

I go: Fff-Uuu-Nnn.

I go: Fff-Uuu-Nnn.

Then I run the sounds together and I smooth 'em out, 

And that's what reading's all about!

I go: Fff-Uuu-Nnn, I go: Fff-Uuu-Nnn.

I go: Fff-Uuu-Nnn, I go: Fff-Uuu-Nnn,

I go Fff-Uunn, fun, fun, fun, FUN!

I did it! It's FUN!





Stick with me and I'll take you far,

cause Same Sound Brown gonna make you a star!



Out of sight!



I could read all night!


(Farley and Same Sound Brown give each other five. As naturally they would.) 




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Thanks to Scott Hanson

for the pictures!



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