Tough Pigs Anthology


April Frog's Day

April 2002


Anthology Contents


   So get how complicated this is. In lieu of an April Fool's joke in the Anthology this month, I'm posting a transcript of someone else's April Fool's joke. This is the April 1st, 1994 edition of Larry King Live -- the day that Larry went on vacation, and invited a certain green co-host to fill his suspenders for the day... 


Part One: Faster and Funnier

   Kermit interviews Ted Koppel, with help from Gonzo and Miss Piggy


Part Two: Eye Contact

   More of Kermit's interview with Ted Koppel, with another call from Miss Piggy


Part Three: Meeting of the Minds

   Kermit interviews Hulk Hogan and Carol Alt, with a call from Miss Piggy and another surprise Muppet


Part Four: Run For Your Lives!

   Kermit finishes his interview with Hulk Hogan and Carol Alt, and Gonzo gets a terrible shock


Part Five: Thank God I'm Not a Chicken

   Kermit interviews David Gergen, with another call from Miss Piggy  


Part Six: Watch What You Do

   Kermit finishes the night with an exclusive interview with the ultimate White House insider



Tough Pigs Anthology Contents

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