Tough Pigs Anthology

Aug/Sept 2002


The Road to Hollywood


   What's your favorite moment from The Muppet Movie


   Is it the opening, when Kermit leaves his bait shop to seek fame and fortune? The part where Miss Piggy tells Kermit that her aunt is sick? The part where Mount Rushmore talks? Or the Henry Kissinger cameo? 


   Well, of course you don't remember those parts of the movie, cause they're not in the movie... but they could have been. This month in the Tough Pigs Anthology: The Muppet Movie you never knew. 


Chapter 1: The Swamp Years, Episode IV

   The pre-credits sequence


Chapter 2: A Frog is Born

   Kermit meets an agent, and leaves the bait shop


Chapter 3: Oh, Henry!

   Kermit hits the highway, and gets stars in his eyes


Chapter 4: Slow Night at the El Sleezo

   Kermit and Fozzie rile up the crowd, and drinks aren't on the house


Chapter 5: Movin' Right Along

   Kermit and Fozzie practice their comedy, and Hopper gets the punchline


Chapter 6: Thunderously Loud

   Doc Hopper has breakfast as the Electric Mayhem gets to work


Chapter 7: Another Hopper Chase

   The Muppets drive onto a moving train. No, really...


Chapter 8: All's War in Love and Fairs

   Kermit meets Miss Piggy, and they share a 95-cent bottle of wine


Chapter 9: Swine Fever

   Mel Brooks gets an electronic cerebrectomy, and Piggy's family takes ill


Chapter 10: Counting Down

   Doc Hopper drops the bomb, and Kermit has a talk with himself


Chapter 11: The other "I have a dream" speech

   Singing and dancing and making people happy. Oh, and giant prunes.


Chapter 12: Over the Rainbow

   The Muppets find their pot of gold...



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