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April 2005


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Muppets' Oz primetime teasers


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April 17, 2005: ABC aired another Muppets' Wizard of Oz teaser ad in its primetime Sunday lineup, during Desperate Housewives...




(Kermit walks down the Yellow Brick Road, with peppy Desperate Housewives music behind him.)




(Kermit stops at a fork in the road, and looks up at the sign.)




(There's a shimmer of music as he pictures his choices.)






(Imagining the possibilities on Wisteria Lane, Kermit sets off in that direction...)




(But his dream is shattered by an off-screen voice.) 



Don't even THINK about it, FROG! 




(Kermit nods, nervously.)



Uh... Right... 




(He makes a quick turn, and heads off to Oz.) 








This May... hit the bricks with the Muppets' Wizard of Oz! 





Only on ABC! 



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