Tough Pigs Anthology

Sept 2003


Back to School

with the Sesame Street 

Learning Kit



   Come with me to 1970, that bygone age when people could talk about Sesame Street's "artistic and intellectual virginity" and still keep a straight face. This month in the Anthology, we're going to take a look at the Sesame Street Learning Kit -- the very first set of Sesame products, produced by Time-Life to coincide with the first season of the show. We're also going to look at a lot of deeply strange Sesame art. 


Part 1

Anatomy of a Mistake

Part 2

Things You Can Do to Squares

Part 3

Spies Like Us

Part 4

How You Can Tell It's 1970

Part 5

The Pre-Grover Grover

Part 6

Alphabet Soup

Part 7

One to Ten

Part 8

First the People, then the Things

Part 9

Spilled Milk

Part 10

The Big Finale



Tough Pigs Anthology Contents

July 2003 -- The Jim Henson Hour: Monster Telethon

June 2003 -- The Jim Henson Hour: Science Fiction

April/May 2003 -- Breaking News: Sesame Street News Flashes

March 2003 -- The Muppet Show Comic Strip

Feb 2003 -- Ernie vs Bert

Aug/Sept 2002 -- The Road to Hollywood

July 2002 -- The Decline and Fall of Gorch, part two: The Fall

June 2002 -- The Decline and Fall of Gorch, part one: The Decline

May 2002 -- Giant Frogs!

April 2002 -- April Frog's Day

March 2002 -- The Muppets Take Madison Avenue

February 2002 -- Kermit and Piggy : That Magnificent Hankering

January 2002 -- Off the Street

December 2001 -- It Feels Like Christmas

November 2001 -- Muppets: 1, Host: 0