Tough Pigs Anthology

Sept 2003


Back to School

Part 6: Alphabet Soup


   The Sesame Street Book of Letters, to be frank, is as dull as a box of paint. It's just letters and nonsense phrases like "If you dig a dinosaur, drop your duck for a dime." But the one cool thing about it is that it's got some pictures from old Sesame Street animations. Recognize any of these?



















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Tough Pigs Anthology Contents

July 2003 -- The Jim Henson Hour: Monster Telethon

June 2003 -- The Jim Henson Hour: Science Fiction

April/May 2003 -- Breaking News: Sesame Street News Flashes

March 2003 -- The Muppet Show Comic Strip

Feb 2003 -- Ernie vs Bert

Aug/Sept 2002 -- The Road to Hollywood

July 2002 -- The Decline and Fall of Gorch, part two: The Fall

June 2002 -- The Decline and Fall of Gorch, part one: The Decline

May 2002 -- Giant Frogs!

April 2002 -- April Frog's Day

March 2002 -- The Muppets Take Madison Avenue

February 2002 -- Kermit and Piggy : That Magnificent Hankering

January 2002 -- Off the Street

December 2001 -- It Feels Like Christmas

November 2001 -- Muppets: 1, Host: 0