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May 17, 2003


Muppet Book Club

"Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree"


Book  :   Part 1  --  Part 2  --  Part 3

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   All right, all right, settle down. If we could just clear away the pizza boxes and the empty bottles there, turn the lights back on, and wipe those chairs down, then we can get started with our literary salon. C'mon, guys.


   Okay, there we are. Welcome to the first meeting of the Muppet Book Club, giving Muppet fans a chance to discuss some of the great literary classics that have shaped our lives, for better or worse.


   The book under discussion is Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree, a 1977 Little Golden Book written by David Korr and illustrated by Joe Mathieu. Because some of our members seem to have left their copies at home -- or drawn all over them with crayons, or dropped them in the bathtub, or whatever -- I've posted the complete text below.


   You're invited to come join the Book Club meeting on the Tough Pigs Forum message board, where we'll be discussing the major themes of the book, appreciating Joe Mathieu's art, sharing memories, and generally horsing around with it. Even if you've never posted at the Forum before, feel free to come in anyway. How often do you get a chance to talk about Cookie Trees?







































Book  :   Part 1  --  Part 2  --  Part 3

Commentary  :   Part 4  --  Part 5  --  Part 6



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