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April 5, 2004


Muppet Book Club

"I'll Miss You, Mr Hooper"


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   In commemoration of Sesame Street's 35th anniversary, the Muppet Book Club is taking a look at one of the most memorable moments in Sesame history: the death of Mr Hooper, in December 1982.


   We'll be reading I'll Miss You, Mr Hooper, a 1984 Random House book designed to help children cope with death and loss. The book is based on Norman Stiles' script from the Sesame episode, and it's illustrated by TP favorite Joe Mathieu. 


   Mr Hooper's death was a big turning point in Sesame history. In fact, when you think about "Sesame history," losing Mr Hooper is probably the first thing to comes to mind. That was the moment when suddenly there was a "history" -- there were the years with Mr Hooper, and then the years without Mr Hooper. So during the anniversary, this is a relevant moment for us to look back to. 


   Over the next few days, we'll be discussing this book on the Tough Pigs Forum message board. Obviously, this one's going to be a bit more serious than our usual freewheeling discussion, but there's still a lot to talk about. Please come join us, and share your thoughts on the book, on the event, or on the impact Sesame Street has had on your own personal history.











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Book  :   Part 1  --  Part 2

Commentary  :   Part 3  --  Part 4



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