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June 2, 2003


Muppet Book Club

"The Case of the Missing Mother"


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   Well, to everybody's great surprise, the first selection of the Muppet Book Club was a huge success -- as soon as the selection was announced, Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree was immediately sold out. (All right, so it's been out of print for a decade anyway. Go with me on this.) 


   So it is with an appropriate sense of our awesome responsibility and potential marketing clout that we announce the second selection for Book Club discussion: The Case of the Missing Mother, published in 1983 by Random House, written by James Howe and illustrated by William Cleaver. 


   You're invited to come join the Book Club meeting on the Tough Pigs Forum message board, where we'll be discussing how this book shaped our personal evolutions and revolutions. Even if you've never posted at the Forum before, feel free to come in anyway. Book Club meetings are open to all. This book is, naturally, also out of print -- see what an impact we're having? -- so if you don't have a copy, then you can read the one posted below.
















































Book  :   Part 1  --  Part 2  --  Part 3

Commentary  :   Part 4  --  Part 5



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Muppet Book Club: "Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree"