January 16, 2017

The Muppet Show: 40 Years Later – Charles Aznavour

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This week, Miss Piggy develops a fondness for French and a Whatnot feels pretty.


January 6, 2017

ToughPigs Art: Jon Brangwynne Returns

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We’re shining the spotlight on Muppet fan artist Jon Brangwynne for the second time, and we’re amazed with his fantastic work!


January 3, 2017

Hopes for a Muppet-Filled 2017

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With an unfortunate 2016 behind us, we’re looking forward to what 2017 might bring for the Muppets.


December 30, 2016

2016 Year in Review: Worst Year Ever

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The Muppets got canceled, David Bowie died, and an orange Grouch is going to the White House. 2016 was not our year.


December 27, 2016

Video Review: Labyrinth the Ultimate Visual History

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We’re reviewing the new coffee table book all about the making of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth!


December 22, 2016

ToughPigs Roundtable: Muppet Christmas Music

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The ToughPigs writers (somehow) narrow down and share their favorite Muppet Christmas songs!


December 21, 2016

The Muppets Are the Key to the Art Carney Santa-matic Universe

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The Muppets, Art Carney, and Santa Claus: This fan theory will ho-ho-ho your mind!


December 20, 2016

Why the Dickens Is it Always A Christmas Carol?

Filed under: Commentary,Feature — Tags: — Matthew Soberman @ 12:49 pm

What is it about “A Christmas Carol” that made the Muppets adapt it so many times??


December 19, 2016

From Page to Screen: Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

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Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree is one of the worst Henson productions ever. But did you know it’s based on a book???


December 16, 2016

The Muppet Show: 40 Years Later – Harvey Korman

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Can an episode have more than one Most Classic Moment? How about five?


December 14, 2016

Video Review: Labyrinth Artist Tribute Book

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We’re reviewing the new Labyrinth Artist Tribute book! With tons of amazing artwork inspired by the classic Henson film!


December 12, 2016

Why Does Everyone Love Pigs in Space So Much?

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The response to the new video proves that fans love the sketch as much as ever. But why?


December 9, 2016

ToughPigs Art: Inktober!

Filed under: Art,Feature — Joe Hennes @ 11:46 am

Art lovers rejoice at this collection of Muppet art from artists celebrating the annual month-long exercise of Inktober!


December 7, 2016

The Muppet Show: 40 Years Later – Bruce Forsyth

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Is the Bruce Forsyth episode of The Muppet Show Christmas-themed? Sure, why not!


December 5, 2016

CONTEST: Win Sesame Road on Vinyl!

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Draw some Muppets crossing Abbey Road and you can win a record of the classic Sesame Street album!


December 2, 2016

The Muppet Show 40 Years Later – Candice Bergen

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Candice Bergen brings 1970s feminism to her episode of The Muppet Show!


November 30, 2016

REVIEW: Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas

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Travel back in time to a 19th century version of Sesame Street as we cover their newest Christmas special!


November 28, 2016

A Muppet Fan Goes to Disney World, Fall 2016

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I went to Disney World on my recent honeymoon. Here’s the Muppety stuff I saw, from Great Moments in History to Muppet Mobile Lab.


November 25, 2016

The Muppet Show: 40 Years Later – Valerie Harper

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Valerie Harper is going out a star and coming back a chorus girl in our latest classic Muppet Show review!


November 23, 2016

ToughPigs & Muppet Mindset Celebrate 5 Years of The Muppets

Filed under: Feature,Reviews — Tags: , , — Joe Hennes @ 11:05 am

Joe from ToughPigs and Jarrod from the Muppet Mindset review an early, very different version of the script to the 2011 Muppet movie!

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