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June 16, 2016

UPDATED: Christmas Cheer Is Brewing at Sesame Street

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How long has it been since Sesame Street did a Christmas thing?  Almost two years?  Well, heck, that’s way too long.  And the people at Sesame Workshop agree with that sentiment, if recent social media activity is any indication.

First they teased us with this tweet:

Let’s see… decorations, Muppets dressed for cold weather, the unmistakable jaunty stride of a bunch of pals out to do some Christmas caroling… Yep, everything points to a new Christmas production.  With special guest Audra McDonald, no less!  But let’s not overlook the most important thing about that video clip: Bert appears to have a mustache!  Just what he always wanted for Christmas.

Just to confirm that we’re seeing what we think we’re seeing, Elmo later tweeted this:

And then Sesame Street tweeted this:

So yeah, there’s a new Sesame Street Christmas production on the way!  Keep an eye on this here website for more details as we get them.  I can’t wait until (presumably) December, when we get to see it.  But mostly, I can’t wait to debate my fellow Sesame fans over whether Jim Gaffigan is as good a Santa as Charles Durning or Kevin James.

UPDATE: There’s another guest star!  It’s Girls star Zosia Mamet, as seen in the four photos seen in this latest Sesame tweet:


Insert hilarious and clever “HBO synergy” jokes here.  Man, look at those costumes.  It sure would be fun if the whole special takes place in Dickensian England.

Click here to go caroling with Audra, or Audra-ing with Carol, on the Tough Pigs forum!

by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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