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updated Dec 2, 2002

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It's a Very Merry Cast List!


Okay, a new movie means it's time for another round of the Muppet-fan's favorite sport, Spot the Performer. The new movie had lots of new recasts to replace the Frank Oz, Jim Henson and Richard Hunt characters. Also, Jerry Nelson was unable to come to Vancouver for the shooting, so he recorded the voice for most of his characters.


I posted an earlier draft of this with some Muppet grapevine guesses; this is now the updated, actual version with for-real inside info from Anonyfrog. Thanks very much to AF and all amphibians everywhere.



It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie



Steve Whitmire

Dave Goelz

Bill Barretta

Eric Jacobson


featuring the Muppet Performers

Brian Henson

Jerry Nelson

Kevin Clash

John Kennedy



Alice Dinnean-Vernon

Allan Trautman

Geoff Rednap

Denise Cheshire

Drew Massey

Adam Behr

Gordon Robertson

John Henson



Muppet Cast:


Kermit : Steve Whitmire


Miss Piggy : Eric Jacobson


Fozzie Bear : Eric Jacobson


Gonzo the Great : Dave Goelz


Rizzo the Rat : Steve Whitmire


Pepe the King Prawn : Bill Barretta 


Bunsen Honeydew : Dave Goelz


Beaker : Steve Whitmire


Scooter  : Brian Henson


Rowlf : Bill Barretta


Robin the Frog : Jerry Nelson


Animal : Eric Jacobson (voice)

                John Kennedy (puppet)


Sam the Eagle : Kevin Clash (voice)

                          John Kennedy (puppet)


Johnny Fiama : Bill Barretta


Sal Manilla : Brian Henson


Janice : Brian Henson


Bean Bunny : Steve Whitmire


Mr. Poodlepants : Steve Whitmire


Bobo the Bear : Bill Barretta


Howard : Bill Barretta


Lew Zealand : Bill Barretta


Swedish Chef : Bill Barretta


Statler : Jerry Nelson


Waldorf : Dave Goelz


Sweetums : John Henson


Pops : Jerry Nelson


Director : Brian Henson


Yoda : Eric Jacobson


Snowman : voice of Mel Brooks


Thanks to

R.D. and David Beukema for recast info

and, obviously, Anonyfrog



News Extra Contents

It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie!

Merry, Merry Muppets

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