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updated Oct 14, 2002 (new ship dates)

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Muppet Show Action Figures Lineup

Series 1 -- Series 2 -- Series 3 -- Series 4


Series 1 (out in stores now!)




Kermit the Frog with coffee mug and tripod camera

Miss Piggy with dressing room table, vanity mirror and handheld mirror

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew with books and Robot Rabbit

Dr. Teeth with keyboard and stand





Muppet Labs Playset with Beaker figure, lab table, and Gorilla Detector





Series 1 Extras (available now!):


25th Anniversary Kermit from Toys R Us/Amazon.

25th Anniversary Miss Piggy from Electronics Boutique.

Vanishing Cream Beaker from Palisades Toys Collector Club.



Series 1 -- Series 2 -- Series 3 -- Series 4



Series 2 (Mid-November 2002 -- most fig's available for pre-order)




Fozzie Bear with funny nose and glasses, microphone, & rubber chicken

Gonzo the Great with cape and cannon

Floyd Pepper with bass guitar and amplifier

Crazy Harry with dynamite and gunpowder





Electric Mayhem Stage Playset with Animal figure

including full drum kit & rigging with moveable lights








Series 2 Extras: 


Vacation Fozzie (blue shirt) from Musicland.

Vacation Fozzie (red shirt) from ToyFare Magazine. (available now!)

Crash Helmet Gonzo from EB Games. (available for pre-order)

Invisible Spray Fozzie from Palisades Toys Collector Club. (available now!)

Floyd Pepper Chase Figure (blue shirt) available in stores in limited quantities.



Series 1 -- Series 2 -- Series 3 -- Series 4



Series 3 (Winter 2003)




Scooter with working skateboard, clipboard, megaphone & takeout food

Rowlf the Dog with tuxedo, baby grand piano & Beethoven bust

Zoot with saxophone, sax case & music stand

Lew Zealand with carp, swordfish, small mouth bass & fish bucket





Swedish Chef Kitchen with Swedish Chef figure & tons of accessories

including plates, spoon, spatula, cleaver, adjustable wrench, talking cake,

lobster bandits, tennis racket, fire extinguisher, etc., with working drawers & cabinets





Series 3 Extras: 


Zoot Chase Figure (red shirt) available in stores in limited quantities.

Mega Beaker Figure -- Palisades will begin releasing a new line of Mega Muppet figures this winter, starting with a 13.5 inch Mega Beaker.


Series 1 -- Series 2 -- Series 3 -- Series 4



Series 4 (Spring 2003)



Captain Link Hogthrob with Swinetrek model, ray gun and cape

(shown here as unpainted prototype)





Sam the Eagle as Samuel Arrow with Treasure Island costume & props

Dr. Julius Strangepork with MAMMA Robot, Dissolvitron & Swinetrek lunchbox

Rizzo the Rat with hat, headset, pizza box & Dancing Cheese




Swinetrek Playset with First Mate Piggy


Muppet PVC figures: First set coming out with Series 4!

Yup, the Muppet toys are selling well so far, so Palisades is expanding their line to include alternating sets of Mega Figures and smaller PVC figures.



Also in the works: 



Nekkid Rowlf Figure -- The Rowlf figure in Series 3 is wearing a tuxedo, 

and the birthday-suit Rowlf figure will be coming in a later series.

Ditto for a nude Sam the Eagle figure at some point.


Superhero Scooter Figure -- planned as an exclusive for Series 4


Gonzo in Tuxedo figure with Camilla the Chicken -- planned for Series 5


Electric Mayhem Bus Playset with Janice figure -- planned for Series 5


Mega Animal figure -- 

the second Mega figure, planned for release with Series 5


   The latest action figure news is that the Palisades Muppet license has expanded... The original license was only for characters from The Muppet Show, but recently Palisades acquired the rights to the entire Classic Muppets line. That means that, beginning with Series 4, they can produce figures based on the Muppet movies (like the Muppet Treasure Island Sam Eagle figure) and Muppets Tonight (including Rizzo in his MT costume). That's why we've got the Electric Mayhem Bus in Series 5, and y'know what else this means? Yup, that's right... Pepe, who will finally get his own toy sometime in Series 5 or beyond. Stay tuned. 


   Because of the license change, some of the previously announced figures and playsets have been bumped out of the Palisades schedule. They might show up in future series, or they might not. The MIA toys include: Beauregard and Muppet Newsman figures, a Vet's Hospital playset with Dr. Bob and Nurse Piggy, a Muppet Show Stage playset with Statler and Waldorf, and a Planet Koozebane playset with Reporter Kermit. Statler and Waldorf will probably show up sooner rather than later, the others maybe not so much. 


Series 1 -- Series 2 -- Series 3 -- Series 4



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