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updated August 19, 2002

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Kermit's Swamp Years 

coming Sept. 3rd


   Kermit's Swamp Years -- the new Muppet direct-to-video movie -- is coming soon! The 82-minute film premiered on the Starz Channel on August 18th, and it'll be released on video and DVD on September 3rd.


   I now officially have so much dang material on this project that I'm not even going to bother organizing it anymore. Here it all is, in a big messy heap. Enjoy.


Spoiler Warning: I've tried to avoid having too many "spoilers" on this page, but the cast list and a couple of the pictures may give away surprises that you'd rather not know in advance. If you're completely opposed to spoilers, don't read this page, and I'll catch you in September after you've seen the film. 


SYNOPSIS: "Kermit's Swamp Years is the never-before-told story of how the world's most famous frog left the swamp for the very first time and began an adventure that would change his life -- and ours -- forever! Meet Young Kermit, a curious, fun-loving frog who likes hanging out with his amphibious best friends, Goggles and Croaker. Young Kermit loves the swamp, but wonders what lies beyond the tall marsh grass. When Goggles gets nabbed by a pet store owner, Kermit and Croaker must leap into action, leaving the swamp and racing to the rescue of their friend. With help from a world-wise dog named Pilgrim, Kermit and his friends discover that the outside world is bigger, stranger, more exciting and more wonderful than they ever imagined."



Steve Whitmire -- Young Kermit, Jack Rabbit, Chico the Frog

Joey Mazzarino -- Goggles, Turtle #1

Bill Barretta -- Croaker, Horace D'Fly, Roy the Frog, Turtle #2

John Kennedy -- Blotch the Bullfrog, Arnie the Alligator, Monkey

Alice Dinnean -- Vicki the Snake, Pilgrim (w/ Cree Summer), Kermit's Mom (ditto)

with special cameo appearances 

performed by Dave Goelz and Jerry Nelson



Screenplay: Jim Lewis and Joey Mazzarino

from a story by Jim Lewis

Director: David Gumpel

Producer: Ritamarie Peruggi

Executive Producers: Michael R. Polis and Jim Lewis



Buy it on DVD -- Buy it on VHS 

Suggested DVD retail: $27.96

Suggested VHS retail: $19.95


DVD Format: Full Screen and Widescreen

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.0 and 2-channel Dolby Surround

Extras include:

Audio commentary 

    with Kermit the Frog and Horace D'Fly

Behind-the-Scenes of Kermit's Swamp Years 

    hosted by Joe the Armadillo

"On the Set with Kermit" featurette

Bloopers / Outtakes


A rock version of "The Rainbow Connection" is performed by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes with the outtakes on the DVD edition.



   A special preview of the Starz! Family Channel featuring the world premiere of the live-action comedy-adventure Kermit's Swamp Years will pre-empt regular programming on the flagship Starz! Channel on August 18, 2002 at 6:30pm ET/PT. The movie will air with a behind-the-scenes featurette. 



From an article at "Henson has many hopes pinned on the success of this 82-minute video premiere movie, with outlines for follow-ups already drawn up. Henson is also developing original video premiere movie franchise projects to be announced in August that would build on strong consumer sales of the company's fantasy films, including Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Henson might partner with Columbia or another distributor on those projects."


And, finally, a whole bunch of photos... Thanks to Luke Robbins and Scott Hanson for sending photos, and to the folks at Columbia-Tristar and the Starz Channel for sending me press releases.





















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