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February 9, 2002

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My Week with Muppetfest

Muppetfest Photo Swap Meet


Muppetfest Memories zine!


Remember the magic of Muppetfest, or catch up on what you missed, with my new Muppetfest Memories zine. 


This 48 page zine is packed with information, including descriptions of all the Muppetfest panels, with lots of details and quotes, plus a synopsis and complete cast list from the Live Show!


The zine costs $5.00, plus shipping. To order the zine, visit 2mom takes checks, credit cards and Paypal, so ordering will be easy for everyone. 


This zine, obviously, is not an official product of the Jim Henson Company or Creation Enterprises or anybody. It's a little fan project produced for my Muppet Fan friends, and sold for the price of the production cost. 


I hope everybody enjoys it!



News Extra Contents launches in late spring

Kermit and Piggy celebrate Today

Everybody Loves Grover