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updated August 12, 2002

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Kermit's Swamp Years:

The Reviews



People Magazine -- Aug 19

   "I'm having palpitations here... I feel so sick and nauseous." That Woody Allen-esque whining comes from Goggles, a bespectacled toad who gets the lion's share of the laughs in this new Muppet movie, which premieres on Starz before the video goes on sale early next month. 

   The serviceable plot has Kermit the Frog and his pal Croaker striving to save Goggles and Blotch, a terrifying bullfrog, from dissection in a high school biology lab. Unfortunately the teacher (human actor John Hostetter) chews the scenery. Bottom line: Only the toad is tops 



Entertainment Weekly -- Aug 16

   It's not easy being green, especially when you're starring in a third-rate Muppet movie. There will be no taking of Manhattan in this story of Kermit as a youngster (so, sorta like Muppet Babies, but not really). Instead, everybody's favorite frog gets involved in a typical buddy adventure that manages to swipe key elements from not one but two Toy Story films. Are we being too harsh in critiquing a simple kiddie film? Perhaps, but that's only because the bar has been set so high and Muppet maniacs will surely be disappointed with the film's lack of creativity and wit. To make matters worse, instead of other friendly faces like Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy showing up, we get a couple of generic pals named Croaker (he's the smart aleck) and Goggles (he's the fussy Woody Allen rip-off). Waldorf and Statler would have had a field day with this one. C



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