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updated July 25, 2002

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The Muppet Show DVD's

in stores Sept. 3rd


IT'S TIME -- Complete, uncut episodes of The Muppet Show are coming to DVD and video, in stores on September 3rd, and I for one am as happy as a pig in heels. 


   The new line of videos and DVD's, distributed by Columbia-Tristar Home Entertainment, will contain three episodes on each volume. The first two volumes are in stores on September 3rd, with more to come. Columbia-Tristar is currently planning on releasing 20 volumes. 


   Fans who collected the Time-Life DVD releases over the last couple years will be happy to know that these volumes will overlap and then continue the Time-Life series. The first fifteen Columbia-Tristar releases will be identical to the fifteen Time-Life videos -- only ten of which had been released on DVD -- and volumes 16-20 will be new.


   The thing I love most about these DVD's is that they're totally complete, including the extra "UK sketch" in every episode. (The original episodes ran longer in the UK than the US, because they didn't have as much commercial time -- so the producers recorded an extra song or sketch that wasn't seen on US TV.) Over the last ten years or so, cable re-runs of The Muppet Show were being edited more and more, so it's great to have really nice DVD releases with uncut episodes. 


   DVD suggested retail is $24.95; VHS is $14.95.


Here's the rundown on the first two volumes:


Volume 1

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Elton John: The pop superstar takes center stage with outrageous costumes and some of his greatest hits, including "Crocodile Rock" and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

Julie Andrews: The beloved musical star yodels the tale of a lonely goat herd, serenades Kermit, and whistles a happy tune in the company of giant monsters.

Gene Kelly: The legendary musical-comedy star gives Kermit a dance lesson, performs a romantic duet with Miss Piggy, and sings a medley of tunes from his classic movies.


Muppet Moments: Floyd and Kermit. 

Movie Mania: Flipperdance.


Volume 2

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Mark Hamill: Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and R2D2 hijack the crew from Pigs in Space to rescue Chewbacca, then join in a big "star" tunes finale in a galaxy far, far away.

Paul Simon: The popular singer-songwriter has a run-in with the law while performing "Scarborough Fair" with Miss Piggy, and joins the Muppet band for a rollicking "Loves Me Like a Rock."

Raquel Welch: The international sex symbol goes prehistoric to sing and dance with a giant spider, and teams with Miss Piggy for a show-stopping "I'm a Woman." 


Muppet Moments: Miss Piggy.

Movie Mania: Yoda Screen Test.


Future volumes will include:

Volume 3: Harry Belafonte, Linda Ronstadt, John Denver

Volume 4: Peter Sellers, John Cleese, Dudley Moore

Volume 5: Alice Cooper, Vincent Price, Marty Feldman

Volume 6: Carol Burnett, Steve Martin, Gilda Radner

Volume 7: George Burns, Dom DeLuise, Bob Hope

Volume 8: Diana Ross, Rudolph Nureyev, Brooke Shields

Volume 9: Sylvester Stallone, James Coburn, Debbie Harry

Volume 10: Edgar Bergen, Roger Moore, Danny Kaye

Volume 11: Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Kenny Rogers, Mac Davis

Volume 12: Liberace, Rita Moreno, Lynda Carter

Volume 13: Tony Randall, Beverly Sills, Pearl Bailey

Volume 14: Liza Minnelli, Madeline Kahn, Mummenschanz

Volume 15: Senor Wences, Lola Falana, Juliet Prowse


   There's no official word yet on how often further volumes will be coming out... Stay tuned to Tough Pigs!



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