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March 7, 2002

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Family Gathering

TV Guide -- March 9-15, 2002

by Valerie Feldner

Reprinted entirely without permission


Cats and Dogs Living Together!


   "I'm in my worst nightmare," complains Oscar the Grouch. "I'm in the middle of a heartfelt anthem!" But the rest of the gang is happy to join in on an interspecies rendition of "We Are Family."


   "I wanted to do my part," says Bear [pictured with Barney] of Bear in the Big Blue House, who's gathered with characters from almost every children's show -- animated and live-action -- to raise money and kids' morale. Like the star-powered version and Spike Lee-directed video that preceded it, the latest "We Are Family" CD and video will benefit a children's charity -- in this case, the I Am Your Child Foundation. The video will debut on PBS, Nickelodeon and Disney on March 11


   "There have ben many 'We Are the World' records, but no one had ever tried to get together characters of [different] TV shows," says Christopher Cerf, a Muppets songwriter and producer. Songwriter-producer Nile Rodgers, who cowrote the 1979 Sister Sledge hit, orchestrated both benefit productions.


   The on-screen cameos include Arthur, Big Bird and Rizzo the Rat -- plus a few humans, like the kids from Zoom and Diana Ross, which you'd think would've caused some conflict. Not so, says Kermit, who should know: "I've had no problems with interspecies relationships of all kinds."


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