Tough Pigs News Extra

Dec 19, 2002


Happy! Elmo season arrives!


  Here's a special report on Christmas in Japan, from our Japanese sister site Che.Ki.La Sesame Street:


   "Happy! Elmo season arrives! When you look at Elmo, it is accustomed happily, don't you think?! Elmo's of popularity one good abnormal play -- ill-smelling it is appearance! Even among those the NEW immediately Elmo!


   "Ikekeburo sunshine city where every year the cute tree is decorated. This year the "Happy! Elmo Christmas!" with the enormous tree of the terrestrial 14m is appearance with the title which is said! In everyone Happy! Love! Peace! Christmas message is sent! Don't you think? Happy Christmas probably will pass with the happy power of Elmo's!"


   So that's good to know. We'll get more updates from Japan later on. And if you want more Happy Elmo fun from the land of the rising sun, click here on Elmo's Happy Word... Happy Love Peace to everybody, don't you think?



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