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Tough Pigs Forum Picnic

July 27, 2003



Jackie, Joe, Jes, Alaina, Danny and Patrick

at Allaire State Park.

Jes is worried that we don't have enough ice.



Alaina eyes Matt warily as he performs his mouse routine



Jamie cooks a garden burger



Danny wrestles with the huge monster puppet



Matt raps with Emileigh



Sarah, deep in thought, watches Matt, Jes and Alaina



Party of one



Danny helps Emileigh heckle Ryan's puppet show



Patrick arrives for a puppet throwdown



Emileigh plays with Ryan's fish



Patrick and Toho: "I am the very personification of a riot!"



Patrick does a mean Whitmire



Patrick has an unnamed bloodsucking plant puppet.

And a tootsie pop.



Patrick: "Abuse me! Degrade me! I love it!"

Danny: "Um... okay."



Danny's monster makes his move



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