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MT&R Seminar Aftermath

Oct 15, 2003


Clear photos by Jess, fuzzy photos by Danny.

Please send more pictures if you got 'em.



A Wednesday night at Friday's:

standing: Danny, Cathy, Smig, Jeff, Zach, John, David S, Jess

crouching: Michal



David and John watch Cathy eating something,

Michal averts her eyes



Jess and Danny have both looked better



John and Cathy show off the ketchup bottle



Jess looks on as David makes "ironic" air quotes



Michal takes a picture, Jeff shows off something green



John does a funky hand thing



Cathy does a funky hand thing



Danny does a funky hand thing



We can't compete, John is the master of the funky hand thing



More with the camera gag



David takes a little nap



Danny warns Jess about the weird people 

on the other side of the table



Jess is happy



Jess strangles David



Danny makes an important call



Out on the street



Kermit in Times Square



Date pigs!



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