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April 28, 2016

Jamie Foxx Might Possibly Maybe Star in Henson’s Happytime Murders Movie

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2012 concept art. Jamie Foxx would presumably play the guy on the left.

2012 concept art. Jamie Foxx would presumably play the guy on the left.

Deadline and various other sources are reporting that former Sesame Street guest star Jamie Foxx is “in early negotiations” or “in talks” to star in The Happytime Murders, the long-in-development, not-for-kids movie the Jim Henson Company has been working on for a few years now.

Can anyone who speaks show-business tell me exactly what “in talks” means?  Does it mean they made him an offer? Or does it just mean Foxx bumped into Brian Henson at In & Out Burger, and Brian Henson was like, “Hey, Jamie! You should be in our puppet murder movie!” and Foxx was like, “Send me the script!” and Brian was like, “Okay, we will! You want one of my French fries?”

From what we’ve heard, the Happytime story is about former cast members of a kids’ puppet show getting offed one by one, and the puppet and human cops who try to solve the case.  Foxx would reportedly play “Detective Edwards, a LAPD cop who must re-team with his former partner Phil, a drinker and philanderer who is not keen on Edwards’ good-cop persona.”

Either way, I’ve been intrigued by this movie since we first heard about it, so I hope this is a sign of progress being made.  Keep an eye on this website for future updates, perhaps around January 2017.

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by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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