Tough Pigs Journal

October 2005


Muppet Fan Halloween Parade 2005

part 4: In Swino Veritas


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   And then, right or wrong, there's Miss Piggy, bringing a dash of glamour and class to any event. 


   This one here is my favorite Miss Piggy of the year, even though I can't quite explain why. Is it the gloves, the pose, the sincere expression? I can't say. 


   All I know is that wearing a Miss Piggy costume seems to tap into the soul of the costume wearer. It's kind of the truth serum of Halloween costumes, revealing something important about one's true nature. 


  It's hard for me to explain. Just take a look at these Miss Piggy costumes, and tell me if you feel like you truly know these people now.











   You see what I mean? It tells you everything you need to know. 


   Now, here's a couple that people wore at a Wizard of Oz convention this summer, which I think are fantastic. I got these from The Wonderful Blog of Oz, which is written by the guy in the Kermit outfit. Tell me the Miss Piggy woman didn't have a kick-ass time at this convention.







   So there you have it, living proof. Even when they're brunettes, blondes have more fun.





part 1  -  part 2  -  part 3

part 4  -  part 5



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