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October 21, 2016

The Mup Art Show: Fall, 2016

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There’s something that’s been missing in your life.  Is it monetary success?  True love?  Bacon sandwiches?  No, it’s some of the best Muppet fan art the internet has to offer!

Sorry if you’re actually searching for true love.  That’ll be in a different ToughPigs article.

Once again, we’re bringing you the most impressive Muppet, Sesame Street, and Henson artwork we’ve found over the past few months!  We’ve got some amazing gems this time around, many of which you’ll want to print out, wallpaper your bedroom, or tattoo permanently on your body!

If you’re an artist with some great Muppet fan art, please feel free to email us to be included in a future edition of The Mup Art Show!

Many thanks to all of the artists for their wonderful work!

stegg-didymusby Annie Stegg

the_rainbow_connection_by_geezlaweasel-d9ijbtw.pngby Geezlaweasel

i_got_you_babe_by_geezlaweasel-d9nech6by Geezlaweasel

mr__the_frog_by_eeyorbstudios-d9ans5kby Kevin “Drew” Arsenault

sesame_discreet_by_bimshwel-d9aspy9by Bimshwel

creepy_eyed_floyd_by_purple_telvanni-d9dmtp8by Deborah

hoggle_by_jesseacosta-d9nm04lby Jesse Acosta

muppets_by_diegozgzdna-d9e01swby Diego Nicolas Agustin

beware__these_sketches_are_deadly_by_jayfeather_wings-d9eyns2by Cara

gonzo_the_great_will_ride_this_baby_again__by_eeyorbstudios-d9iurfv.pngby Kevin “Drew” Arsenault

grover_by_emjaidi-d98aakz.pngby Matt Dean

__poultry___by_darkwingsnark-d9apnsjby Darkwing Snark

mad06_grover_lores_by_seanrm-d9c6z8sby Sean Moore

stream_sketching_some_labyrinth_dudes__by_bmacsmith-d9mtgu8by Mac Smith

sesame_street_after_dark_by_artofmadness-d92whx7by Charlie Cody

son__there_ain_t_no_road_too_long_by_lavalampofepicness-d95anyv.pngby LavaLampOfEpicness

oscar_the_grouch_drawing_sesame_street_by_billyboyuk-d9c55dtby Tracey Lawler

labyrinth___karaoke_by_pika_la_cyniqueby Rebecca M.

tumblr_o0t2jrjXC31s90dclo1_1280by Charlotte Beland

gonzo_the_great_by_themrock-d9wcok2by Dirk Erik Schulz

tumblr_o3qqlwovY51qinh0ko1_1280by Ian V.

10923198_10205876927460304_5732412091786332556_nby Unknown

goodfrogby Naolito

jonathan caustrita at-tikicoladasby Jonathan Caustrita

know me better man by karen hallionby Karen Hallion

show_trevasby Chris Trevas

 muppets3dby Rob Yeo

shadow_over_sesame_street___oscar_the_grouch_by_jwmcasavant-daeolyyby JWMCasavant

twinsparentsby Joe Apel

 mcquinlanby Chris McQuinlan

guardiansby boltfromtheblue

 tumblr_o534ma2ym81s41276o1_1280by Conor Nolan

georgeoscar by Raffiti

 mbabiesby Dennis Salvatier

 bigbird_turnaround(Made of styrofoam, pipe cleaners, and felt)
by Kyle Frisch

thirteenhours_1080_by_angelsaquero-dajl34xby Angel Saquero

 chaa_by_owlfluff-dafdnouby OwlFluff

letter_of_the_day____by_renrookart-dabcrajby Renrook

tumblr_oci89kqjs11uhbzw2o1_1280by Nuria Abajo Gamarra

henson_reimagined__hugga_wugga_by_wcarroll216-dag8bgrby WCarroll216

write_your_own_ending_by_noahthecartoonist-daiuwr5by Noah Pasternak

random_gonzo_sketch_by_wcarroll216-dadjg1hby WCarroll216

dr__bunsen_honeydew_and_beaker_by_geogant-dae95u9by Geogant

cookies_vs_cake_by_ellbeh-daljecoby Ellbeh

pepe_muppets_leozztt_by_leozztt-daa7uieby LEOZZT

ricc_2015__doozer_downtime_by_underburbs-d9gwzlcby Joe Haley & TJ Dort

Click here to use styrofoam and pipe cleaners to build the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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