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April 5, 2017

ToughPigs Art: The Random Muppets of Quentin Tracy

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It’s always a treat to find a fellow Muppet fanatic in the wild.  After finding a particularly interesting DeviantArt page with lots of great Muppet fan art, it turns out that the artist is the real deal: Someone who loves the obscure corners of the Muppet universe and happens to have the talent to back it up on the page.

Quentin Tracy is the artist in question, and a couple years ago he participated in “Muptober”, a month-long exercise in which he drew a Muppet a day.  But there aren’t many examples of your Fozzie Bears and Oscar the Grouches and whathaveyous.  Instead, we’ve got fan favorites, forgotten characters, and the most random of random Muppets.  It’s delightful.

His first piece below is a Twitter-fied homage to the animations of Sesame Street, and immediately following are his Muptober sketches.  Don’t recognize them?  We included a link to the Muppet Wiki under each one to prove that they’re real!  Or, they used to be.

If you dig Quentin’s artwork, be sure to check out his DeviantArt page.  Many, many thanks to Quentin for allowing us to share his work!

Agnes Stonewick

Alarm Clock BirdMiss Piggy

Doin’ the Pigeon

Big Mouse

James Bond

Yorick and Chicken Liver


Granny Fanny Nesselrode


Big Mean Carl and Hopper

Jim and June Tutter

Little Cookie

Lyle Sock


Mrs. Crustworthy

Norman, Assistant to the Grand High Triangle Lover

Mahna Mahna (Sesame Street version)The Rabbi

Rita Mouse

Rizzo the Rat

Rowlf’s Nephew

Sir John Feelgood

Slippery Slim


The Count Counts album

The Franklins

The Teppums

Tina Twiddlebug

Christmas Elf

Tough Eddie

Whamo the Rental Magician

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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