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October 20, 2017

Help Build 123 Sesame Street in LEGO

Filed under: Art,Feature — Joe Hennes @ 12:14 pm

Over in the world of LEGO, fans are encouraged to develop their own creations and submit them to be voted on and potentially created and sold as official sets.  ToughPigs pal Ivan Guerrero (whose work we spotlighted waaaaay back in 2009) took this as a challenge, and built his very own version of 123 Sesame Street, brick-by-brick.

As you’ll see, he was painstaking in the details, from specific episode references to tiny versions of familiar artwork, as well as pretty much anything you’d want to see in a LEGO version of the place where we all grew up.

So if you want this LEGO set to become a reality, you’ve got a (super easy) job to do.  Click here to visit the LEGO Ideas page, create a free account, and cast a vote for this set.  If it gets enough votes, LEGO will submit the idea to Sesame Workshop.  And if we’re all lucky, this might be a set we could all build for ourselves.

Many thanks to Ivan Guerrero for sharing his fantastic creation with us!

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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