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May 20, 2016

Prepare to Dive for Henson Company’s Splash and Bubbles

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Muppet performer John Tartaglia is no stranger to underwater puppets.  Having created “ImaginOcean”, a live puppet show starring a bunch of fish, he’s taking the concept and flipping it around for a new TV series.

Splash and Bubbles, the latest series coming from The Jim Henson Company, has set a premiere date: November 23 on PBS.  Those of you with really good memories may remember our announcement of this show when it was just called “SPLASH“.  Personally, I’ll miss the all-caps title, which requires you to shout it when reading aloud.

The series will feature digital puppets (yay for puppets!), and it will teach kids all about undersea life.  Think of it as a Dinosaur Train, but instead of dinosaurs, they’re fish.  And instead of a train, it’s just a bunch of water.  So really, nothing like Dinosaur Train.

The star of the show is Splash, the yellow fish in the picture above.  He meets Bubbles (that’s the purple lady) in Reeftown, and the duo explores the ocean life around their humble neighborhood.

Be sure to check your local listings this November to reel in Splash and Bubbles!

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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