June 9, 2015

Dark Crystal: Creation Myths v.3 Coming Soon

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The third volume of the Dark Crystal graphic novel prequels will be available in September!


February 5, 2015

Fraggle Rock Credit Cards: Don’t Leave the Rock Without It

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Want to get a debit card with a Fraggle, Skeksis, or other Henson property on it? Well, good news.


October 23, 2014

Labyrinth 2: Are Henson Movie Sequels Really Necessary?

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The Jim Henson Company has hinted at making sequels based on Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, and Emmet Otter. But should they??


June 25, 2014

Trial By Stone Results in Dark Crystal: Author Quest ebook

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The winners of The Dark Crystal: Author Quest contest have been announced, and you can download the ebook today!


January 21, 2014

Archaia to Reprint Labyrinth, Dark Crystal Novels

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Archaia will be reprinting the novelizations of Henson films and TV!


January 13, 2014

The World of Muppet Crap: Skeksis Fashion

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You can find a lot of weird Muppet-related stuff on the internet. Today: the official Dark Crystal dress.


September 13, 2013

The Dark Crystal and More San Diego Comic Con 2013 Tidbits

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Our coverage of this year’s Comic Con International, featuring extensive details on The Dark Crystal Author Quest.


September 3, 2013

The Scents of Skesis

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Introducing a new line of Dark Crystal perfume! No, really!


June 18, 2013

Turn Your Dark Crystal Fan Fic into a Real Novel

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Enter The Jim Henson Company’s “Author Quest” contest to win the opportunity to write an official Dark Crystal novel!


February 8, 2013

Preview: Dark Crystal Creation Myths v.2

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Cover and 5-page preview of the upcoming Dark Crystal prequel comic!


November 20, 2012

New Dark Crystal Comics: Preview Pages and a Screenwriter’s Essay

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Now on the internet: A sneak peek at the upcoming Dark Crystal prequel comic, plus an essay by screenwriter David Odell!

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