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November 16, 2012

The Mup Art Show – November, 2012

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I wish I could draw.  If I had that amazing talent that all of the featured artists in our Mup Art Show collections have, I would do nothing but sit and draw the most obscure Muppet characters in the geekiest of situations.  I would have portfolios filled with the likes of Large Marvin and Fleet Scribbler and Frackles as far as the eye can see.  But since I don’t have that enviable ability, I’ll have to settle for finding this amazing fan art throughout the web.

Here’s our latest collection of mind-blowing Muppet art, all of which you can click on to see in their maximum dimensions.  And if you’re an aspiring or professional artist who would like to submit your work for a future Mup Art Show, drop us an email!

And now, on with the Mup Art Show!

by Richard Fez

by Eric Favela

by Luke Ellison

by Kate Ford

by Eric Hetherington

by Piper Cleaveland

by MokeyFraggle

by Jared Moraitis

by Jon Defreestby Josh Summana

by Jose Nieves

by KLeinaar

by Dan Romens

by Del Almeida

by David Petersen

by Nik Holmes

by Max Dalton

by Sarah Jolley

by Stefan Tosheff

by Alexandre Ilitchev

by David Petersen

by Francesco Francavilla

by Joel Watson

by Mark Reihill

by Ian Glaubinger

by Jose Jaro

by Paul Shipper

by Wayne Harris

by Jerrod Maruyama

by Turlguy

by Jojo Seames

by Sarah Barrie Fenton

by Pumpkin Hiphop

by Venetta Butcher

by Kevin J. Mulder

by Jason Ho

by Jaco

by Andrea Gerstmann

by Akita-or-Aki

by Jake Lawrence

by Tanya Zeigler

by Sean McFarland

by Chris Johnston

BONUS: “The Streets” series by Symbol Society

Click here to be surprised at the existence of Dog City fan art on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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