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November 10, 2011

The Search for the Proto-Gordon Continues

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Over two years ago, on this very website, I posted an article about how weird it was that nobody seemed to know who played Gordon in Sesame Street‘s first test pilot episode way back in 1969.  A few months after that article, in the official coffee table anniversary book A Celebration of 40 Years, there was one page containing a tiny photo of the guy with a caption revealing that even the folks at Sesame Workshop don’t know who he was.

And still the hunt continues.  Recently, the Sesame people created a page on their website called The Case of the Missing Gordon,” in which they request that anyone who might have any information on the identity of the mysterious proto-Gordon come forward.  Apparently they’ve already asked Bob McGrath, Loretta Long, and Caroll Spinney (whose name is spelled wrong on the page — whoops), but none of them remember his name.

In today’s information age (Are we still calling it that?), it seems unthinkable for anyone who worked on a major television production to be completely impossible to track down, so hopefully Sesame’s public plea will yield results, and then we can all be satisfied.  Until then:  Everybody dance!

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