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March 9, 2011

The Muppet Show Comic Book: Status Update

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Tms13Here’s what we know.

Back in February, Boom Studios announced that they were losing the Pixar comic book license, and that Marvel Comics (now owned by Disney) would be picking up the reins. With The Muppet Show Comic Book on hiatus for so long, Muppet fans became worried that Boom might be losing that title as well.

Over on Roger Langridge’s blog, he shares a lot of that frustration with us. He hints that Boom may have lost the Muppet license in addition to Pixar, and that unless a lot of stars align, his final arc, “The Four Seasons”, may never be printed.

Since Disney doesn’t claim ownership of the final comic until it sees print, the pages are currently in possession of Langridge and Boom. So the only way we’ll get to see the comic is if whoever obtains the license (my guess: Marvel) buys the book from Boom. And considering how successful (the Harvey Award-winning) Langridge’s work has been, coupled with the fact that the folks over at Boom have a reputation for being super nice guys, this is a real possibility (however remote).

Now here’s where you come in.

Disney Comics has a Twitter account. If you write to them and tell them that you want to see “The Four Seasons” on the shelf at your local comic book store, they will see it. Maybe if they get enough messages, they’ll consider not denying us this piece of Muppet history.

Don’t know what to write? Here’s a few samples that you can steal for yourself:

@DisneyComics Please find a way to publish the final Muppet Show Comic Book arc!

@DisneyComics If you don’t print the final Muppet Show Comic Book, I’ll hold my breath until I pass out!

@DisneyComics Publish Roger Langridge’s Muppet Show book and I will give you money. Cash money.

Finally, since there’s no one to tell him not to do it, Roger Langridge posted a few pages from the final arc on his blog. And with all due respect, I will republish them here. Because everyone should get to see this book, no matter who ends up publishing it.


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