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January 30, 2018

Watch Bert Co-Host an Online Game Show

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HQ Trivia is a trivia game show mobile app. Smartphone users from all over the world compete in their regularly scheduled games, and whoever makes it through all twelve questions gets to split the prize money with whoever else makes it. Which means a player could prove their general knowledge expertise and reflexes by surviving through twelve rounds, and then end up winning five bucks.

Still, it’s always a fun time. And tonight, they found a way to make it even funner, by bringing in Bert to co-host the show!

Yes, Bert! Not Elmo, not Cookie Monster… Bert! Somehow Bert’s nerdy personality lends itself to a trivia game. I suppose they could have had Guy Smiley, but he doesn’t have much of a personality beyond talking really loud. And a lot more people know who Bert is. He riffed with the host, he made some funny jokes, and he encouraged folks at home to donate to Sesame’s non-profit Yellow Feather Fund.

If you missed it on the app, don’t go crying in your oatmeal. Thanks to our friends at Muppet Wiki, you can watch the whole thing right here:

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by Ryan Roe – Ryan@ToughPigs.com

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