Your Two Cents
Tough Pigs Readers Write Back




Just Like Ernie

May 2009


The Together Book

March 2008


Wait For Me!

July 2007


The Many Faces of Ernie

January 2005


I'll Miss You, Mr Hooper

April 2004


I Can't Wait Until Christmas

December 2003


The Great Twiddlebug Mystery

August 2003


The Case of the Missing Mother

May 2003


Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree

May 2003



The Mystery of the O-Sleeve (Letters to Santa DVD cover)

Summer 2009


Redesign That Bird! (Follow That Bird DVD Cover)

March 2009


The Ugly Toys Pageant 2008

December 2008


Who Will Be Jim?

February 2008



September 2007


The Young Muppet Fans Art Extravaganza!

May 2007


The Ugly Toys Pageant 2005

April 2005


The Museum of Muppet Fan Art

August 2004


The Ugly Toys Pageant 2004

April 2004


The Ugly Toys Pageant 2003

April 2003


The Ugly Toys Pageant 2002

April 2002


Nip/Tuck: The "Muppets Magic" Makeover

September 2003


True Tales of Muppet Fandom Contest

September 2002




Your Most Treasured Muppet Possession

March 2008


What Would You Hold?

September 2004


In Defense of Muppet Babies

May 2003


Muppet Fan Memories

November 2001





Two Things about Muppets' Wizard of Oz

May 2005


Two Things about Sesame Street 36

April 2005