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February 2, 2010

Old School 3-CD set coming this March!

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oldschoolWe heard rumors of a Sesame Street Old School CD set back in September, but now it’s finally coming to fruition. And into stores. More stores than fruition, really.

The tri-album will be released on March 23, 2010 and will take $21.98 out of your wallet.

Old School volume 1 will contain the classic Sesame Street albums “Sesame Street Original Cast Recording”, “Big Bird Sings”, and “Bert & Ernie Sing Along”. The tracks for those three albums are as follows:

“Sesame Street Original Cast Recording”
1. Sesame Street – The Entire Cast
2. ABC-DEF-GHI – Big Bird
3. I’ve Got Two – Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch plus everybody including Mr. Hooper
4. Goin’ for a Ride – Anything People
5. What Are Kids Called – Bob and Susan
6. Everybody Wash – Ernie and Bert
7. One of These Things – Bob and Susan
8. Up and Down – Two Monsters (aka Cookie Monster and Herry Monster)
9. Green – Kermit the Frog
10. Somebody Come and Play – The Kids
11. I Love Trash – Oscar the Grouch
12. A Face – Bob
13. J-Jump – The Kids
14. People in Your Neighborhood – Bob and The Anything People
15. Rub Your Tummy – Gordon
16. Number 5 – The Kids
17. Five People in My Family – Anything People
18. Nearly Missed – Susan
19. Rubber Duckie – Ernie

“Big Bird Sings”
1. ABC-DEF-GHI – Big Bird
2. The Noodle Song – Big Bird and Oscar
3. The “J” Poem – Big Bird
4. Very, Very Special Letter – Big Bird
5. Big Bird Writes a Poem – Big Bird, Snuffleupagus and Herbert Birdsfoot
6. How Do I Know I’m Here? – Big Bird
7. Everyone Likes Ice Cream – Big Bird, Three Friends and Monster
8. Y’all Fall Down – Big Bird, Bert and Cookie Monster
9. Everyone Makes Mistakes – Big Bird and Farley
10. The Sound of the Letter A – Big Bird
11. Just Three Colors – Big Bird and Oscar
12. Ha Ha – Big Bird, Harvey Kneeslapper and Herry Monster
13. No Matter What Your Language – Big Bird and Luis
14. Big Bird’s Poem – Big Bird

“Bert & Ernie Sing Along”
1. I Refuse to Sing Along – Bert and Ernie
2. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad – Ernie, Gordon, Susan and the Company
3. Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Bob, Luis, Maria, David and the Company
4. A Really Good Feeling – Big Bird
5. Bats in My Belfry – The Count
6. Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Grover, Herry Monster and Cookie Monster
7. I’ll Give You a Song – Oscar the Grouch
8. Oscar Don’t Allow – David, Big Bird, Ernie, Luis and the Company
9. The Limerick Song (Come On and Sing Along With Me) – Susan, Bob, the Count, Ernie, Bert and the Company
10. On Top of Old Smokey – Grover and the Company
11. Living Hand in Hand – Gordon and Susan
12. What’s the Name of That Song? – Luis, Bob, Susan, Gordon, Maria, Ernie, David, Bert and Big Bird
13. A Very Simple Dance – David and the Company
14. Morningtown Ride – Bob
15. Everyone Likes Ice Cream – Susan, David, Prairie Dawn, Bob, Bert, Ernie and Grover
16. C is for Cookie – Cookie Monster and the Company
17. Peanuts – Luis, Prairie Dawn, Ernie, Big Bird and the Company
18. John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith – The Company
19. She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain – Maria, Susan, Gordon, David and the Company
20. Finale: What’s the Name of That Song? (Reprise) – The Company
21. Sing – Bert and the Company

And there you have it! Or, you will have it. In March. Get excited!

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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